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18 Tips for a Lifetime Trip

January 22, 2018

They say that life experience and wisdom come with age, and while we are still young, we have to be pioneers on the way to our own happiness. At each stage of this path, we change, and those values that are important at one age may later be out of priority. 


However, there are also certain principles that should always remain with us, accompany and help in various life situations. Based on my own, as yet little experience, I made a list of 18 tips for a lifetime trip (not pieces of advice, because I am not entitled to advise), which I hope will resonate with your heart and help you to find answers at the right moment.


  1. Connect more often with your family and friends.
  2. Take life as it is, but in no case do not give up and go ahead to achieve the goal.
  3. Staying power, be strong, but let yourself be weak sometimes and don’t reproach yourself and others for that.
  4. Love yourself, encourage, praise.
  5. Forgive. Yourself and others. Guiltiness and resentment didn’t bring yet benefits to anyone.
  6. Accept people as they are. If you can positively influence their behavior, character or life, good. But do not try to change them.
  7. Do sports.
  8. Read classic literature (but less drama, it’s enough of that in real life) and try to know the history of your country at least.
  9. Try to do what you love and work the same way.
  10. Don’t talk bad about people, do not gossip, you will never be in that person’s shoes.
  11. Do not judge. To judge people is the destiny of God (and that according to the Bible) and the special power institutions.
  12. Love.
  13. Know to let it go, people and the past.
  14. Help people if they are in need of it.
  15. Be able to admit your mistakes, but do not blame yourself too much and for a long time, if you can not fix anything now, just accept it and next time try to be better.
  16. Believe in yourself, in God, in the best, in people that surround you.
  17. Give presents, do nice little things or treat people you love just for no reason.
  18. Appreciate the good things that were done for you, be thankful for that. Sometimes the best gratitude is to pay it forward.



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