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Monday, 10th December, 2018




My name is Lilia, I was born and grown up in Ukraine, currently living in Portugal and writing about things that evoke in me interest and a big desire to create. While designing this blog and choosing what it will be about, I did not want to dwell only on one topic. My passion for journalism and writing has led me to the idea of creating something bigger than just a fashion or travel guide. I wanted to share my vision of modern society, how fast it changes values and traditions that define the direction of the evolution of our generation. The world is infinitely diverse, and I strive to use every moment as an opportunity to explore it just for an inch more.


Serra da Estrella is the place where the stars are shining. Here, in their beautiful glow has fused love for writing and travel, countries and traditions, fashion, arts and discoveries.


The idea of creating this place was so tiny, but growing, step by step, it finally turned into a lifestyle guide and endless source of inspiration for everyone who dares to travel around this starworthy spot.


Experienced to live in different countries, I try to convey their culture and lifestyle. Learning something new every day, I am pleased to share this here, so that you, my dear readers, could immerse yourself in a wonderful world Serra da Estrella, discover it and never cease to create.

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