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Black & White Story

January 3, 2018

From all the shootings in which I was lucky to participate and which are going to be done, the most I appreciate is Black & White photography. 


Black & White photography is all the same as an art object created in the unity of a human soul and technology. It is honest, means devoid of hypocrisy and in most of the cases does not need to be edited. It carries much more than just an image on a paper or the one on a computer screen, it is a pure reflection of your essence, your secret inner universe that exists inside under the masks and trumpery of the material world.


That’s why the perception of black and white photos is different from the color ones. Looking at them, you are not distracted by an endless scenery but look directly into the soul of a person. Details cannot be identified, they merge and represent a holistic image of someone in the picture.


This is the main point of black and white photography: to show more than one can see in reality, not in order to delude but on the contrary, to complement and reveal the original, its nature and temper. 
















Photographer: Hugo Macedo


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