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Do you believe in coincidence?

February 1, 2018

Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t. Coincidence is the same thing as a pattern, but we do not notice it because of standard logic and the strong analytical mindset.


Any event is always being analyzed by our mind, and if as a result of such analysis we do not get a clearly structured sequence leading to this event, then we take it as a fortuity. But this perception does not always reflect the true picture of what is happening. It is limited by stereotypical attitudes and accumulated experience so we assess the situation accordingly.


Coincidence is any happening which we cannot expect and put in a box of rational thinking. In particular, the perception of each person is different, so the same event one can interpret as an incredible set of circumstances and for others, it is a common thing. In the end, everything depends upon ourselves and our thinking. Therefore, just by expanding our horizons, we can see what previously seemed to be a coincidence or wonder, becomes understandable and natural. However, while it’s good to be aware of what is happening and determine all the cause-and-effect relationships, that’s in a human nature that we all want, at least sometimes, such an irrational and suddenly-happened miracle.



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