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Missing Summer

January 14, 2018

There are moments when we miss summer. Mostly in winter, when especially in need of warmth, sunlight, and a minimum of clothes.


When I was preparing my trip to Portugal, I somehow thought that it was always summer here. Well, not quite a whole year, but at least warm weather would stay and the average temperature would rarely drop below + 15 °C. My knowledge gap in the theory of geography has been fixed in practice. It turned out that drops. Especially in the North, especially when it’s 80-100% humidity. There is also winter with snow, although it is very little and only in the northern regions, as well as in the center of the country and on the border with Spain. 


We do not have snow in Porto, but there is rain. It can be raining non-stop for days, weeks or even months. Because of insane humidity in all the houses appears mold (the old Portuguese problem), and clothes remain wet for some days. 


However, the biggest cultural shock I had when saw there was no heating in buildings. No, of course, there are air-conditioners, heaters and fireplaces (surprisingly, even in apartments), but there is no central heating. The reason is that, firstly, the Portuguese are hot guys and + 14 ° C/ + 12 ° C for them, in general, is not a problem. And secondly, there are rather high prices for gas and electricity, so the state stimulates to minimize the consumption of these kinds of fuel, providing, for example, benefits for the installation of solar panels. After all, when there is no rain, there’s a lot of sun. 


Generally, winter in Portugal is short, the climate is mild, daylight lasts longer than in Eastern Europe, so there is no reason to complain. Well, and for those who are missing the warm summer days like me, I propose to see the following photoset, which was born as a result of cooperation with one of the best photographers of Porto, João Dias. 















Photographer: João Dias 

Look: Skirt – H&M, Shoes – Blanco


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