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Portugal Fashion. Insider peek

April 1, 2018
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Last week we were presented at one of the most significant events in the fashion industry of Portugal – Portugal Fashion. We will remember this 42nd edition of the Portuguese Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2018/2019 not only for the beautiful shows but also for a very unusual location in Porto, which did surprise with its dimension and an innovative idea. 

And if some ideas need to be boldly and quickly implemented, others better to study in more detail, to analyze if there are enough of resources for their implementation and only then to get down to business. In this article, I decided to write not only about fashion and the latest trends but also about how is all served.


Fashion is another art form in which we all somehow participate. And as a true art, it can be interpreted differently, but it is not necessary to understand it in order to love (just like a woman, isn’t it?).


If you try to generalize and highlight the main characteristic of the Portuguese fashion, it will undoubtedly be practicality. However, it still full of elegance and classics. Shows within the Fashion Week successfully reflect this reality. And while young designers experiment with shapes, colours and sizes in Bloom, the veterans of Portugal Fashion follow their own line of creativity.


All the designers who participated in the shows are certainly talented and each one has his/her own unique style. Unfortunately, in fashion, as in other forms of art, talent is not always the key to success. High competition and globalization play against small brands, so to enter the international market, they have to do a lot of work to promote their name.


Over the past few years Portugal Fashion has made significant strides in the global fashion arena: regular participation in the shows of the Four major weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York, participation in Men’s Fashion Week, the presence of some Portuguese brands in international multi-brand showrooms, etc. And while the mass market is filled up with the same clothes from Ralph Lauren, Paris Hilton wears shoes from Luis Onofre, and Sonam Kapoor chooses a classic look from the collection of Diogo Miranda.


But let’s get back to the last edition. Among all the designers represented in Porto the most popular and respected in the industry are Miguel Vieira, Diogo Miranda, Luis Onofre, Katty Xiomara, Nuno Baltazar, Ana Sousa, Luis BuchinhoMicaela Oliveira, and a brand Lion of Porches. Without changing their own style, couturiers still keep pace with the world fashion trends in Fall/Winter 2018/2019, which are telling us to buy comfortable and warm clothes. Here we see classic and casual, knitted sweaters and leather clothes, the avant-garde and my favourite romantic style. It is noteworthy that the next season will be held under “practical and comfortable clothes” motto, and as I pointed out, it is the main feature of the Portuguese fashion. So success in the international market is guaranteed.


Now talk a little about the organization. The venue of the Portugal Fashion has changed: from the familiar place in Alfândega building (Congress Center) the organizers have moved to the tent structure, named Cidade da Moda (Fashion City). Constructed specially for this event, it was supposed to be a continuation of the new tradition of main Fashion Weeks, where part of the shows was held in temporary tent structures. The idea seemed to be successful at first glance, but its implementation wasn’t. Lack of experience and budget had a negative impact on the result: a small space for the fashion shows and an excessive number of issued invitations, ill-conceived infrastructure. The weather also did not help.


Nevertheless, all the inconveniences couldn’t spoil the pleasure from watching amazing collections. After all, if beauty requires sacrifices, the victims already know about the risk.


Miguel Vieira


Diogo Miranda


Luis Onofre


Katty Xiomara



Nuno Baltazar



Luis Buchinho



Ana Sousa



Micaela Oliveira



Lion of Porches



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