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The power of motivation or why do we need a magic kick

March 18, 2018

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The power of the magic kick is incommensurable. You can compare it neither with endless lectures on motivation and self-development nor with your favourite eternal search for yourself.

From any convenient spot coaches and lifestyle instructors tell us how to get up in the morning in order to make 100500 tasks, pay attention to yourself and people you love, at one and the same time be happy and flutter like a spring butterfly, enjoying the life. And do not forget to spread the love. And you listen to them and listen, days are passing, and you’re still there: passively motivated and ready to begin a new life.


However, it is just an illusion. Years pass, and you are still ready, all the time ready, but for some reason, you do not start to do something. The thing is that dear motivators and coaches with all their usefulness and necessity in our lives, still play a cruel trick. They, like spongers (attention, metaphor!), appear in a daily routine of a person hungry for changes, charge him/her with energy, but do not let go. They find a favorable environment in the mind of others and take root there with a great strength. It turns out that it’s just a pseudo-motivation: a person absorbs information after information, gets inspired, but at some point decides that he/she is not ready yet; just one more video/article to read, prepare carefully (these people are more experienced/smarter/richer/know better what to do and how – you can choose one from the list or take the whole package). And you read “another article”, and come full circle.


But all you needed is to stop and turn on the brain so it would have let you know about the magic instrument that we all have – a magic kick. By its activation, we are ready to go and use all our resources, knowledge and even the advice of those motivators. This instrument and not a guy or a girl from YouTube, that will move you to take the first step toward your goal, and then the second one, and the fifth, and the one hundred first.


I am grateful to people who fill us with positive energy and give an incentive to action, motivate by showing their example. But they always have this tool at hand, so that at the time of procrastination they can skilfully use it, not just lie on the couch waiting for the next issue of “How to get a million dollars.” Therefore, I wish you to find your kick under piles of motivational speeches and use it systematically.


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