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Process of self-understanding: mind or soul

November 2, 2018

The most difficult thing is to understand yourself. We were given a short length of time that named life in order to reveal our own secret, or at least come close to its truth. I am not going to talk now about finding answers to questions where we came from, etc. Let science do that. My concern is the process of self-understanding, starting your own journey and finding happiness.

The motives of our behaviour are not always clear. Psychology gives an explanation to almost every human act, but it is still not able to fully categorize the concept of the soul and everything related to it. It remains for us to search for answers, to wade through the maze of thoughts, and to fight incessant feelings. It’s like a game that never ends where the answer to one question entails another puzzle.


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While trying to figure it out, we are looking for help among books, advice from the same people in search. As if we are putting together a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of which are scattered all over visible and invisible dimensions, and our task is to collect them and assemble into a complete picture.


It is not easy. Now and then false parts of other people’s puzzles come across. We get distracted by them and stop searching. Not so easy to assemble a picture. It happens, that puzzles are mixed, lost or do not want to fit into place, little pranksters.


The path to understanding yourself is compounded by public opinion and public morality. We are forced to obediently follow those convenient for mass control patterns. The choice is not always free, and freedom is not always absolute. Getting lost in the imposed “good” and “bad”, our path turns into a conveyor belt.


How to understand which direction to go in order not to get lost in a sea of information? In my opinion, we are the most reliable source of finding ourselves. Despite all the confusion that is going on in our head, when we diligently analyse our cherished “Self”, it modestly hides inside, fearing to interrupt our thoughts. We should always turn to inner self, asking questions that concern us. Reflections are useful at the first stage to start the process, and then you need to let your soul give you the answer. It will be completely different from the analysis. Some other senses will prevail – not a thought or feeling something similar to a complete understanding will come over. True knowledge, to use philosophical terms. It will come from the inside – another piece of the mosaic.


By self-understanding, I don’t mean we will solve all problems at once, but will surely receive a guide, answers to any questions that arise along our way. The paradox is that we need to go thousands of kilometres, see hundreds of cities, study dozens of scientific works and books and listen to a certain number of tips and bits of advice to finally return to our inner self, sit down, close eyes and ask: “Who am I?”


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