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Romantic as they call me, passionate as I am

December 27, 2017


Women… how different can we be? Beautiful, seductive, passionate, fatal, crazy, strong, powerful, caring, fragile, spontaneous, breathtaking, inspiring… everything at once. We have that beautiful strength to rule this world in our own way. We combine in ourselves the Four Elements that empower every girl on the planet to be a special one.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water – complementary and contradictory at the same time, together they are able to brand new worlds.


Inspired by them, we go to the nature to see all in action.


Earth. Peaceful and grounded, reliable and soft 



Sea. Majestic and powerful



Wind. Changeable and naughty



Flame. Red, playful, overwhelming



Coat: Zara

Dress: Sfera

Lips: Guerlain KissKiss Red Hot (328) 




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