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Should we all be feminists?

January 19, 2018

Nowadays women are more and more willing to take the place of men. 

The race for equality has reached an extreme level of absurdity here in Europe. Of course, everything is relative, and nowadays nobody is saying that the direct duty of a woman in the family is to clean, wash, cook and please her man in various ways. We divided household chores equally, we occupy almost the same positions at work and in society, express our point of view as openly as men. So why is this still not enough, and the so-called modern feminist movement wants to outsmart Mother Nature and make women similar to men?


What is interesting is that because of this transformation, men are also changing. Strong emancipated women make men look passive by losing their primary natural instincts. In fact, they probably don’t lose them, but those are sleeping so deep inside that sometimes it is difficult to determine the motives of male behavior. Others who remain and not yet “extinct”, faithful to traditions, now and then are trapped with ladies of the new generation.


One of my friends living in Germany, but who came to Europe from the post-Soviet space like me, told a remarkable story, which she heard from one German guy. Once on a date, he like a true gentleman tried to help the girl with her coat and suddenly faced a very angry reaction. A similar incident occurred when this poor man did not please the girl by opening a door to let her exit first when they’re leaving the restaurant. After such episodes, it is difficult to understand what does an independent woman want: equality or neglect. But, apparently, each of us has his/her own etiquette, and what for some women is a respectful attitude, for others has exactly the opposite meaning. In the end, the guy left his vain attempts of traditional courtship and obeyed the new rules, in order not to take a risk to be in an embarrassing situation again.


I want to say that it’s we, women, who determine how the man will behave with us and generally his behavior in society. The way a girl positions herself forms a certain image for the opposite gender. Based on this image she can be treated in a different way. Simply put, if she wants to do everything herself, neglecting even gender and physiological differences, if a man is a rival for her and not a partner, and if this competition subsequently leads to the rudimentary masculine nature, then obviously this trend not only changes or equalizes the social roles but distorts natural characteristics inherent to each of the genders.


Even without taking into account the third wave of radical feminism, (which participants declare that there is no difference between genders, but only the prescribed social roles and, consequently, promote the struggle to eliminate genders) we still face a very sad fact of distortion of traditional intergender relations. And all this leads to the male inability to define their new social roles clearly.


19th-century French political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville in his book “Democracy in America” expressed an interesting thought, which is particularly relevant nowadays. Describing the public perception and attitude towards gender equality, he noticed a tendency to more radical steps as actually the sameness of genders. All of this, as the philosopher claimed, “will lead to mutual degradation, weak men and indecent women.”


Almost in all former Soviet republics feminism is unpopular. There is a huge difference in the mentality of Western and Slavic girls. While the West was only starting to fight for women’s suffrage, our women have already worked with men in factories and were the Party members. Obviously, under these conditions, there were no prerequisites for any struggle for equality. Now the greatest contrast between two societies is observed among the younger generation. Of course, the influence of media is big and varies from country to country.


It is unusual for me to see women taking all the initiative at the beginning of romantic relationships, and men suggesting going Dutch on a date. I will never find normal the situation when a girl carries heavy packages, and the guy next to her travels light.


Women have definitely managed to show their strength and independence. Unfortunately, at the cost of natural masculinity of the opposite gender. And if this tendency of a particular society become a global one, how do we respond to such progress? Does that mean we should call men “the weaker sex” now and accept the inevitability of a new model, or maybe just six of one, half a dozen of the other?



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