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To us (Catalonia)

January 8, 2018

One day I will go to Catalonia. Yes, yes, some late evening on my 21st spring I will catch up the plane and fly away from this strange familiar city. I’ll fly away forever. Will fly to you. Forever to you.

No, in fact, everything will be so much less romantic and more confusing or prudent, planned. Long preparations, money, papers, documents and millions of kilometers of queues and overwrought nerves… Things to suitcases, phone calls, farewells to friends and family, fears of flight, weeks of sleepless nights with the only one thought: “Just not to forget the passports!.. ” 


Survived it! … And basically, I won’t need there anything but papers, money and that secret thought about you.


It will be early morning when I get off the plane. Morning in Barcelona. I will go to my rented apartment, and then will walk day and night all along the quiet streets of the city, enjoying the bizarre architecture of famous Gaudí. I will breathe the same air and wander the same paths that Salvador Dali was inspired by them. I will drink a wonderful Rioja, have a simple paella and listen to the charming singing of the Catalans…


And at some hour of being in this paradise, I will meet you. It will be unexpected, but so long-awaited. A whole eternity has passed since our last meeting. But I did not forget you. I would recognize you everywhere. An image or a part, even a smell, a trace, a breath.

You also. I can see it in your eyes, you remember.
I’m happy.


I don’t need your name, surname, address, or other biography facts, as it’s common when two get acquainted. I know you all my reincarnations, and you know me. And the magic is this, we don’t need words or foreplay.

I know the world. I have lived many lives. I found you again.

You come up, look into my eyes, just to be completely sure and then immediately enfold me.
-I have been waiting for you for ages wandering around the damn cities, countries and centuries!


So we will leave, hold each other tight. Damn happy, damn impossible, damn reckless.


I wrote this when I was 20, 6 years later I had a chance to visit Barcelona.


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