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Process of self-understanding: mind or soul

The most difficult thing is to understand yourself. We were given a short length of time that named life in order to reveal our own secret, or at least come close to its truth. I am not going to talk now about finding answers to questions where we came from, etc. Let science do that. My concern is the process of self-understanding, starting your own journey and finding happiness.

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The power of motivation or why do we need a magic kick

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The power of the magic kick is incommensurable. You can compare it neither with endless lectures on motivation and self-development nor with your favourite eternal search for yourself.

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Praise, Pushkin and Facebook

Does that feel important if others praise you, and if it does, then how much? Here we are, doing something, creating, presenting to the world, and in return, we get a silence – intentional or unintentional indifference. Would that upset you?

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Do you believe in coincidence?

Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t. Coincidence is the same thing as a pattern, but we do not notice it because of standard logic and the strong analytical mindset.

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